Tornado Chasing and Storm Chasing can be the Best Vacation. Choose the safest company for Storm chaser tours, holidays and trips.
F5 Tornado Chaser Safaris and Storm Chasers is a tour company that brings you to the best tornados and storms for your holiday, vacation, or trip.

Do you want to spend your vacation chasing tornadoes on a storm chasing tour?

F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris will bring you right to the doorstep of the most severe weather in the world. F5! offers the most luxurious and personal adventure tours in the country. Our clients enjoy riding in a comfy Suburban or other large SUV with no more than three other clients.

After an amazing 2013 tour where our forecasters put us within two miles of the Bennington, KS F4 and even closer to the El Reno, OK F5, which was recently downgraded to F3, we're ready for another action-packed couple weeks chasing the world's most dangerous storms. You can join us for our 15th season chasing storms with clients on board in 2014. If you are interested in joining us in 2014, please call or fill out our contact form!

Storm chasing holidays with F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris is the best adventure with the safest, most reputable company of chasers in the World. Weather permitting, we bring you up close and personal with tornadoes and supercells.